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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Final Frontier?

First I want to start off by saying that this blog is not meant to shake the foundations of anyone’s religion
or beliefs. I just want it to be food for thought…or just a light snack.

For those who don’t know, in my free time I am a gamer. I guess technically I would fit into the stereotypical image of a gamer; lives with parents, plays games in the dark basement (I am in a loving relationship so I guess it’s not so bad…and no she is not a made up character in one of the games). Getting back on track, a recent game release has gotten me thinking about the topic of space travel and potentially not being alone in the universe.

Most of the world takes the ideas of aliens or life on other planets with a grain of salt. Personally I am very curious to find out what actually is really out there. How big is the universe/the Milky Way galaxy? What kinds of planets/alien races/environments/space phenomenon are out there that we have never seen before?

The game behind this thought tangent is a space travel game where you go around the galaxy talking to a multitude of different alien races, go on missions gathering information and allies, and being entrusted to save the entire galaxy.

It is horrendously farfetched in our lifetime, but it’s enough to get me thinking about what it would be like to meet a life form from another planet. Would they be able to understand us and we have a great time together like in Lilo and Stitch or ET. Or would they just want us for our resources like in Battle: Los Angeles or War of the Worlds.

This leads me to link to a video I saw recently from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

It would definitely help if they could understand and communicate in English…just like in the game.

To finalize my thought, I guess you can say that I am curious about the unknown. This curiosity has been geared towards space as of late but I think that there are plenty of unknowns on this planet we would need multiple lifetimes to explore all of them.

Thank you to the sites below for the articles and use of pictures.

Monday, March 19, 2012

You too can win.

This week Kimberly Clark Professional announced its Scott Pro Shop Towels Take The Challenge Sweepstakes.   This promotion highlights a new member to the Scott Shop Towel product line and offers a grand prize of a 2012 Dodge Challenger. 

Firelight Media Group helped launch the sweepstakes, working in conjunction with Catalyst, an interactive marketing firm located in CT.  FMG implemented the front end entry form as well as the back end database, complete with tracking and analytics. We had our own challenge throughout the implementation, mainly focused around new security guidelines which KCP recently implemented.  We hold consumer privacy as a high priority, but the new guidelines pushed us to implement even stronger data encryption and pass other security specifications. This ain’t your momma’s  little flash animation after all!

The promotion kicked off with TV ads airing on Spike TV’s Power Block, 2-3 hours of automotive centric weekend programming on Spike TV.  The power of “spreading the word” was illustrated and the power of live data tracking was tested as we watched the sweepstakes entries pour in.

The site experienced usage spikes of close to 3000 visitors per hour as the shows aired on Saturday and Sunday, and we saw entries range from 10 per minute to 10 per second.  Using some of the newest Beta-Release technology, we could view LIVE site analytics that shows, on a map view, people accessing the sweepstakes pages from around the country, all in real time.  It was amazing to see the number of dots popping on and then popping off the screen as users accessed the page. In all we witnessed over 12k entries in less than 2 days and the hits keep on rolling in.

So if you are not affiliated with Firelight Media Group, Catalyst or KCP (or an immediate family member thereof),  you should log onto the Sweeps Entry Page and Take the Challenge. You can also visit the affiliated product page and the TV ad that prompted our successful rollout at the Product Website.

 This sweepstakes runs until October and there is no purchase necessary… though you can feel free to support the sponsors too! 

FMG has worked with Catalyst on numerous promotions over the years, including KCP’s American Ride Sweepstakes, KCP’s Jackson Safety Brand -   Your Face Your Prize! Which was implemented as a Facebook Photo Contest, Fuji Medical – Prima Digital X-Ray Video Contest

In addition to sweepstakes and contests; we implement, maintain, and produce content for custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) for distance learning (AKA- eLearning), including continuing education for Architects and Engineers on McGraw Hills’ Continuing Education Website, and projects for the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS), Department of Homeland Security, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)