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Friday, June 14, 2013

Congratulations Firelight Media Group

Here at Firelight Media Group we look to tell you about what is happening either in the business of digital media or what we can share with you about the people we meet in our daily lives.  Well, today we are going to talk about Firelight Media Group.  

Firelight Media gets to shout from the mountain top, "We are all Emmy® Award  Winners."  That is right,  Community Auditions “Star of the Day” won for “Audio”.  With this win it makes William Sarris,  Steve Kline,  Tom Victor,  Nick DeBeauvernet and Byron Campbell winners with the hard work they all put into the show.  Congratulations goes to Bob Conover too for winning again for Director - Live to Tape.

To add some fun, please tell us what Will, Tom and Byron are imitating with their Emmy® Award.  Here is a clue, acceptance speeches, singer and sports.  Have fun with the captions too. 

Firelight Media Group was honored to have an article written on them for the website  You can check out the article on Firelight Media here.  Please visit  and take a look at all of the RFPs they collect around the country, there are some just for you to grow your business.  It is a great resource for those in the Advertising, full service production business.

Thank you for all your support and to shout again, "FIRELIGHT MEDIA GROUP ARE  EMMY® AWARD WINNERS!!!"

Firelight Media Group has a new website. If you have not visited in a while check out our website at and while you are checking out our website here is our facebook page too Thank you for your support.