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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Firelight On The Move

If you follow Firelight on Facebook or Twitter, you no doubt have heard about "Firelight on the move".

Last week Firelight had two crews out shooting for different clients, in different states. And neither was within driving distance!

Crew one was me! Here I am in sunny south Florida. Miami to be exact.

I met up with a great lighting guy there, Brian Earl. We were shooting a video for the Wireless History Foundation, which is honoring 4 men for their contributions to the wireless industry. The Miami shoot was an interview with Raj and Neera Singh. Raj is being honored for maximizing network efficiency in early analog cell phone systems and advising the industry in the transition to more efficient digital networks.

Both he and is wife were fascinating. We interviewed them in their Miami home, and even got to go out on the golf course with them (both are avid golfers). Brian then took me down to South Beach and we got some b-roll of the local flavor. We tried not to have any fun, which was hard because, let's face it... we were in Miami Beach!
Lest you think this was all fun and games, let me remind you that Miami at this time of year is about as hot as the surface of the sun, and you can see the water suspended in the air it's so humid!

The second crew, made up of Byron and Tom, was in Richmond, VA and White Plains, NY shooting for another client. They had the most brutal schedule, driving to the airport at 3am, shooting all day, driving home after 11pm and getting up to drive to White Plains the next day. Needless to say, they were exhausted!

Both crews were stymied by the weather. My flight to Miami was delayed 3 hours, and the flight back was so delayed I got on another flight with a stop in Atlanta and still made it home before my original flight!  Byron and Tom also were delayed several hours in VA, arriving only a half hour before me.

This week Steve has already been to PA to interview another wireless industry pioneer, and is off to Seattle to interview the final honoree on Thursday, after he runs a shoot for another client!

So that's the saga of Firelight on the move. Stay tuned to the Facebook and Twitter feeds to see more!