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Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Imitates Life (or Vice Versa!)

One of the complaints I have about any given movie is this, “It wasn’t realistic”.
I know others who feel the same way. Somehow we recognize when something doesn’t conform to what we know as real.

It manifests itself both in the physical, like noticing a special effect or computer graphic that isn’t quite right, or in more subtle ways, like realizing that a situation or character isn’t quite real. “That isn’t what that character would do” or “that couldn’t happen, that situation is too far fetched”.

This was why I found two news stories this week rather interesting! Both had
to do with story lines of filmed entertainment that could be considered “unrealistic”.

It’s about a woman, an artist, who contracted viral encephalitis, which caused parts of her brain to essentially die. One part of the brain affected was short term memory. If you listen to the story, you’ll hear the reporter go through the same conversation with this woman several times, in succession, and she doesn’t recall having had the conversation with him.

This reminded me of the movie Memento. Memento is a great movie, full of plot twists and interesting characters, but you have to admit it is a bit unrealistic. To enjoy it you have to swallow the premise that this guy can only remember 2 minutes back in time. Seriously? Apparently it wasn’t so far fetched!

The other story was this story, from Seattle.

Nick and I (and our wives) are avid followers of the show Castle on ABC. In an episode a few weeks ago writer Rick Castle and Detective Beckett had to solve a murder seemingly committed by an honest to goodness superhero!

Again, not really realistic. I mean, who actually dresses up and goes around "protecting truth justice and the American way?"

Apparently Phoenix Jones does it in Seattle!

Art imitating life. Or maybe the other way around. I love it!

Do you have any examples of life and art crashing into each other in interesting and unexpected ways? Let us know!

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