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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green... Or Is It?

Last week we heard about how the production industry is going green through the use of non-tape media and LED lighting systems, and other things.

“That’s great,” I can hear you saying, “but how do I go green? Isn’t it really hard? Won’t I have to eat wheatgrass, ride a bike and basically be a hippie?”

Well... no! You will need to make some changes, but in general there are many things you can do that won’t be all that disruptive to your lifestyle and that will actually have other benefits. Many things that are green also save money, which is something we all want to do in this economy! Many of them also make you healthier, which means you have more energy and feel better.

But how do you know when you are living green, and what things are green?

I stumbled on a website called Practically Green the other day. On the site you can take a quiz on how green you are. Each question has a set of answer buttons: “I have done this,” “Does not apply to me,” and my favorite… “Add to my plan”.

The third is my favorite because it isn’t a “no” answer, it is a “hey, that’s a great idea, I can do that!” answer.

I was surprised when I got a 7 out of 10 ranking (Adventurously Green). I don’t consider myself to be particularly green. However, I do like to save money, and my wife and I do try to be healthy, and apparently that makes us pretty green!

For instance, we line dry some of our clothes. Not because we want to save the environment so much, but it makes the clothes smell fresher, and they don’t shrink. When we bought a car, we didn’t buy a huge gas guzzler; we bought a relatively efficient car. After all, I don’t like paying any more than I have to for gas! It was also a used car, which allowed us to get a better car for the money we spent. Which is also a way to be more green!

As I went through the quiz, I was surprised at how many of the green action items also had other benefits. I was also pleased to see that they weren’t just interested in saving carbon emissions, but in helping you to live a truly healthy and sustainable life.

So, head on over to Practically Green and see how you measure up. And then, keep track of your action list and try to do the next thing. It may not be a lot (simply turning off lights when you leave a room) but you’ll be saving money and energy, and helping the environment!

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