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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Night of Hope and Healing

We had the great honor of working along side the best in the industry on a special night in January. 

In December, right before Christmas, I received an email and a Facebook private message.  The message said “there is going to be this night of hope and healing in the midst of the Sandy Hook tragedy at the Webster Bank Arena.”  It was 8am on a Saturday.  I contacted the promoter and within a few minutes received an email back from him.  The promoter was going to need help getting coverage of the event, and getting the word out to the public.  Within 2 hours I had radio stations, TV stations, Cable stations and more waiting for more information to blast out to their audience.

You might be saying, “that’s not too uncommon”.  Well, this is the uncommon part. All of this was free. The promoter was not charging anything, the arena was free, the artists were free, audio, lights, video... all free.  It is hard to believe that this was pulled off without any money exchanging hands and within 3.5 weeks!  Oh yeah, and then we added broadcasting a live webcast of the event 5 days before the night!

This was an amazing feat to pull off in that time-frame, especially with the Christmas holiday occurring in the middle of the planning for the night. 

As soon as I knew what was needed, I sent out an email and posted a message to Facebook for video production help. Within 2 hours I had 19 people ready to go with whatever we needed done, and an equipment rental company at the ready.  The crew that I had that evening was an A Plus crew with more years experience in the business then I think I can count.  We had no live run throughs, only line checks with the artists. I kept wondering, how is this night going to go off?   

The production manager, after reviewing what happened on January 15, sent me this note. As I sit on the bus riding back, contemplating what I was allowed to be part of last night, it is still difficult to comprehend the magnitude of it all. The fact that God spoke to the promoter's heart about the vision and moved him to action that challenged so many to join with him for this outreach... That in less than 4 weeks all of the pieces fell smoothly into place (the artists & speakers, the venue, the gear, the techs, the trucks & bus... and even during the day we got word that Pilot Truck stops was even going to cover the fuel for the production trucks and bus). Then the show... Very complex lasting all most 4 straight hours... with no rehearsal or even a walk through, went flawlessly,and was experienced by 10,000 in the building and an untold number (exact metrics to come) on the live stream.

Granted, we had an "A" level production team, great equipment, and outstanding artists & speakers... there is no way this was done by the hand of man. It was so obvious that from start to finish, this was only the work of the Creator God of the Universe. All praise and honor belongs too Him!”

Here are the final viewing numbers for the webcast of A Night of Hope and Healing according to our web analytics: over 64,000 distinct IP addresses were tuned in. We know that many churches used this as a bible study 'viewing' and many churches had gatherings of well over 150-200. That would mean nearly 1.3 million people shared this night with us! 40 countries had more than 10+ IP addresses. More than 6,000 cities were represented, as well as 6 continents (sorry no Antarctica!). Truly a world wide mission ---Praise God!

All I can do is say thank you.  Thank you, Kelly, Bob, Bruce, Steve, Mitul, Allison, HB Group, Glenn, Robert, Eric, George, Shawn, Marjie, Rhonda, Chris, Thomas, Peter, Joe, Morgan, Geno, David, Mary, Craig, Remo, Keith, Wendy, Chris and Don.

We will always remember 12.14.12...

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