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Friday, July 20, 2012

Firelight Media Group Research Field Trip

It’s July 20th, and the Firelight Media Group offices will be more or less closed after 3:00pm. More on why it is "more or less" later.

You see, the staff decided to take a research field trip to learn more about the latest lighting, visual effects styles,  audio recording and video post techniques being used today. We also wanted to learn more about large format filming and production processes. These things are all integral to staying current in the video business.

To do this, we decided to go see “The Dark Knight Rises” in BTX.

It’s research. Really. We won't be having ANY fun at all, I assure you.

Oh, the offices are "more or less" closed because all of us are going except for Nick. He didn’t get his permission slip signed in time.

1 comment:

  1. Very good movie - Seeing it in the Bow-Tie new BTX theater was awesome and a great treat. Glad Thomas, Tom, Will an Mari were able to go on the field trip as well.