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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ready, Aim, Fire

To help you and your team maintain a positive workplace environment, we have listed below three quick tips to increase your efficiency in the workplace.

6 Tips For Better Workplace Efficiency:

Tip #1. Measure Twice And Cut Once - Years ago I was watching a skilled cabinet-maker do some work for a custom kitchen. And many times I saw him take a second measurement before finalizing the kitchen's design. That's right. He knew how critical it was to make sure it was accurate before he ordered the material to make the cabinets.

The old adage "measure twice and cut once" plays equally well in the workplace. Whether you are a software engineer writing code or a CEO looking at an acquisition, it pays to look at things twice before making the final decision on what to do next. 

Tip #2. Doing It Right Costs A Lot Less Than Doing It Over - Why does it seem that there is never enough time to do it right, but always enough time to do something over? If you want to be a proactive organization it will pay huge dividends if everyone concentrates on doing their job right the first time - even if it takes a little longer to make sure it is right. And by doing it right the first time, you not only increase your company's efficiencies, but you can also have an immediate impact on customer loyalty, retention and overall profits. 

Tip #3. Ready, Aim, Fire - Many people can get caught-up in "analysis paralysis." To help avoid this trap, figure out what you want to do, make a plan with the best information possible and then START engaging the plan. If not, you will find yourself left behind and wondering what happened. 

Tip #4. Set Realistic Completion Dates - Managers need to set realistic project deadlines for their staff. This not only gets things done a lot faster, but it tends to make the day go by quicker. Although an aggressive manager may want his/her staff to achieve aggressive deadlines, they run the risk of burning their out their staff. 

Tip #5. Make Sure Your Staff Enjoys Their Work - The best performing employees are one that enjoy their workplace and line of work. That said, great managers and owners work hard to create ways of making the work/workplace challenging, interesting and fun. So what are you doing to make your workplace fun? 

Tip #6. Break The Daily Grind - Most every employee is assigned a task according to his/her skill set; however, it is important to consider rotating people throughout an organization. This will give them two things: One, a better appreciation of what others do and two, it will help break the daily complacency, monotony and boredom of a job. You can do this by and giving people new tasks/job functions within the company or other divisions -- which adds to their skill set and a better overall view of the organization.

Executive Summary: Proactive owners/leaders know the best way to get things done: hire people who are not only intelligent but who are proactive and are willing to make a decision. So, start today by thinking about what needs to be done, make a decision to actually do it and then do it right. In addition, take a hard look at everyone on your staff and ask yourself this one simple question: "How can I help my staff enjoy their job?" And once you ask yourself this question, many answers will become obvious.

From Dale Carnegie - For more information click here -

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