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Monday, November 7, 2011

Who are you?

Has this ever happened to you?  

You are at your local grocery store picking up something for dinner and you hear your name.  You turn around and you're sure you know the person but the Rolodex in your brain isn't going fast enough to remember their name. 
You then carry on the entire conversation without using their name, covering with phrases like, "That is great Man.  How have you been? It has been a long time."   Well maybe this week we can help you out with on-the-spot amnesia.  

The tips are brought to you by the Dale Carnegie Training website.

Remembering someone's name is an important aspect of any business relationship. You do not want people to perceive your forgetfulness as indifference, causing them to think they are just another client, employee or prospect.

It Is To Your Advantage To Remember Someone's Name.

Everyone is often required to pay attention to many different things at once; and when we are introduced to someone, a name can literally go in one ear and out the other. Unfortunately, this has happened to most people.

Avoid The Embarrassment Of Forgetting A Name.

Remembering anything requires making connections and often using more than just your sense of hearing; but remembering names sometimes takes extra practice because you are often introduced to someone while otherwise engaged. You also need to believe that you are going to remember rather than convincing yourself that you will "never remember anyone's name."

4 Quick tips to help you avoid forgetting a name:

Tip #1 Become Genuinely Interested In That Person:  Stop what you are doing for a moment and purposely focus on that person’s face.  Give them your undivided attention and actively listen by asking questions about their statements and using their name in the process.  If time allows, ask personal questions about their hometown or their family.  You can even ask them what they prefer to be called.  If you find a commonality during your conversation, you will identify with that person even more.

Tip #2 Use Word Play: Remember elementary school rhymes and mnemonic devices?  They work when remembering names, too. Say the person’s name is Jessica and she appears disheveled.  You might remember that Jess is a mess.  If Joe Smith moves around a lot, use alliteration - Jumpin’ Joe Smith.  Humor has a way of not being forgotten.  You can also exaggerate the syllables in somone’s name - STEEEELLLLLLLLLAAAAAAA!

Here is a really cool link that can help you create a memorable string of words. mnemonics link

Tip #3 Create A Visual:  Pull in your other senses and use images to help you remember names.  If a person’s name is Frank, envision them inside a hot dog bun.  Dawn can be remembered by a sunrise behind her head.  And of course joe is standing in front of you with a cup of coffee.  You can also picture Joe’s name written in heavy duty marker on his forehead (choose your favorite color).  Or, you can associate someone with a celebrity of the same name, thus programming it into your brain.

Tip#4 When All Else Fails, Ask Again And Use Their Name In A Sentence:  There is no shame in politely asking them to repeat their name, or even to spell it for clarification.  In addition, say something positive about them personally (as you repeat their name in a sentence.)

We all have a ton of things on our minds, from our businesses to our families and on to our to-do-lists.  Some people have a natural ability to remember a person's name while others have no clue.  If you spend a little bit more time and put a little extra thought and effort into remembering names, you will be make someone feel special.  Give it a try and comment about some silly stories that have happened to you in trying to remember someone's name.  

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