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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Firelight's Addiction of Choice

We in the production/post production world tend to work crazy hours. This generally causes us to consume large amounts of caffeine in some form or other.

Here at Firelight we are no exception. And, other than Byron (who drinks mainly soda), our drink of choice is... COFFEE!

Some fun Firelight coffee trivia:

~Nick once made Illy Espresso in our Keurig and got super jittery. He got a lot of work done that day.

~Steve leaves his coffee in the maker while doing something else. When reminded it is there (and cold) he then brings it to the microwave... and forgets it again. He’s a busy guy.

~If you see Byron make coffee, don’t bug him. Nick and I have only seen that happen once, and we now have a saying at the office... don’t poke the Bear!

But, in the backs of our minds is always the nagging thought... is the coffee going to cause some health problems down the road? Will I be addicted for life?

Well... check this video out.

So, yes, we will be addicted, but no, it’s not going to cause health issues unless we consume obscene amounts of the stuff.

It looks like there are no real downsides to coffee!

(For more info, check out this blog post by the guy who did the video.)

So, I tend to like dark strong coffee (or espresso) with a little milk in it. Nick prefers a lighter roast. Tim likes it strong and sweetened with maple syrup. Christine prefers decaf. Something about kids and sleep.

How strong do you like your coffee? Do you prefer straight coffee, or an espresso based drink? What weird and wonderful things have you done with coffee? Let us know in the comments!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go brew a cup (and let Steve know his cup is in the microwave waiting.)

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