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Monday, July 11, 2011

Creativity Can Bring Solutions to Many of Our Problems

Those who have been following us know that we at Firelight Media Group have been using social media to connect with our clients, colleagues, & friends. Our goal is not to talk about us so much as to talk about ideas, concerns, and happenings in the industry as well as the world at large.

Today I want talk about how the difference between a problem and a solution is often just a little creativity.

There is a statement by Rev. Robert Shuller that comes to mind which I heard a long time ago and has stuck with me. In consulting a business group on raising money to fund a growing business he said, "You don't have a money problem, you have an idea problem. There is plenty of money out there, you just need to figure out how to get it to flow to you!"

The gist of the statement has always given me the drive to solve tough problems, no matter what roadblocks emerge along the way. For us at Firelight Media, its often finding a unique combination of digital media technologies to creatively solve a client requests or to accomplish goals within their budget constraints.

With this in mind, I was taken back by an article I saw in our local town paper this last week. The Huntington Herald reported on a local Shelton Resident who was being creative in solving his job search issues. Recently laid-off, Mark Wirth used his skills as a marketing professional, using social media to not only extend his reach, but to "market" an incentive program for a referral leading to a successful job acquisition.

I think this is a great way to increase his exposure beyond the people he knows but those who they know and they know and they know... you get the point. Mark also displayed another key element to successful marketing. He didn't rely on one approach as a silver bullet. He reached out to the print world with a press release to get further FREE exposure. In fact it's the printed press release that I saw that pointed me to the online resume and incentive program.

I think it's key to use multiple forms of social media as well as traditional ads or press release to keep your business in front of your clients and potential clients. If written well, press releases are a great way to promote new products or highlight recent accomplishments in your business. They are free and get published when the papers are looking for space to fill. The more unique and creative to press release the higher the probability it will be published. There are freelance writers that can help companies that may not have a "writer" on staff.

In a "down economy" your business doesn't need to rely on everyone else recovering before you recover. Find creative use of your skills, products, and services to create new business for yourself. When enough businesses pull themselves up, we will each do our part to solve the overall economic woes... one business at a time!

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